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Serbs commemorate

20 year ago, on August 4th 1995 a military operation against orthodox Serbs took place in the republic of Serbian Krajina. Experts calls it the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe since the World War II. This Republic never entered the composition of Croatian state, and was annexed to the Great Croatia in 1941 according to the decision of Hitler. Then around 2 mln Serbians turned out to be citizens of another country. Later 500 000 people were killed, and 200 000 were forced into Catholicism. After the war the communist government in head of Croatian Tito left Krajina in the composition of Croatia. Serbian Krajina was outlaw. Villages were left without heating and electricity, roads were intentionally not built in regions. During the collapse of Yugoslavia, Croatia declared independence. At that moment there were more than 500 000 orthodox Serbians living in Catholic Republic. Often ethnic fights between brother nations turned into a war. The history of appearance of Serbian Krajina looks like Transdnistria conflict. First, the provision about Serbian language was taken out of the constitution of Croatian Republic. Later, Serbians were massively sacked, educational institutions were closed. The autonomy was widely discussed in Krajina. This day in 1995 a 200 000 Croatian army moved out to city of Knin. Serbian Krajina have fallen within 5 days. At that moment the army of Knin Serbians didn't exceed 15 000 soldiers with the old weapons. After several days of aggression there were only 5 000 citizens left from 300 000. Others went to Belgrade without food and water. Within 5 days around 14 000 civilians died, 12 000 gone missing. These events stopped the existence of Serbian Krajina. With the help of military force Zagred annexed more than 20% of the modern territory of the country. Croatia hasn't still compensated people devastation of more than 10 thousand houses. Nobody paid the compensation for land parcels which Croatian Serbians were deprived. Croatia now doesn't guarantee positions in the authority, local administration, courts and police. Nobody hasn't been punished for the events of 20 years ago. All political and military management of Belgrade, Serbian Krajina and Serbian Republic was convicted in the Hague. At the same time nobody of Croatian leaders didn't get real jail terms.

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